Kitchen & Social Hall Policy

Redeemer’s United Church of Christ

Kitchen and Social Hall Policy


RENTAL FEES Non-Members: A fee of $100 will be charged to any outside organization, unless a waiver is received from the Consistory, for the use of the kitchen or social hall.

RENTAL FEES Members: No rental fee is required; however a donation will be appreciated from any Redeemer’s Church member or group for use of the kitchen or social hall.


1. Anyone given permission to use the hall will provide their own food and paper supplies.

2. The expectations are that the kitchen and/or social hall will be as clean as or cleaner than before the event started. It is expected that the renter will clean the kitchen and/or social hall. A $50 refundable deposit will be collected prior to the event, from the renter for potential damages and/or custodial services. If the kitchen and/or social hall have been properly cleaned and no damage is noted, the $50 deposit check will be returned to the renter. If any clean-up by the church is required after the event, a $15 per hour fee will be assessed and deducted from the deposit; if more than the $50 deposit is needed, the renter will be billed.

3. If the renter is requesting the church custodian to set-up and put away tables, chairs, etc., an hourly rate of $15 per hour will be assessed.

4. It is the responsibility of those using the rooms to remove all refuse generated by the activity. Dumpsters are located along the alley side of the building. Recyclables should be placed in the appropriately labeled bins in the kitchen.


1. A member of the Helping Hands Committee must be present at any function that requires the use of the stoves/ovens. Notice must be given to an officer of the Helping Hands Committee two (2) weeks in advance so that a member of the Helping Hands Committee can arrange to be present.

2. A member of the Building & Grounds Committee, Consistory or Church Non-Cleaning Custodian needs to be designated to open and close the church facility for the event.

3. When using the kitchen for a fellowship event the renter is responsible for cleaning and washing dishes, dish cloths and towels used for the event. Large pans, kettles, and coffeepots should be cleaned in the stainless steel sinks using the sanitizing tablets provided.

4. The social hall tables and folding chairs may only be removed from the social hall with permission from the church office. Sign out sheets are available from the office. The office shall be notified upon return of all items.

5. All utensils shall remain in the kitchen, unless permission for their removal has been granted by an officer of the Helping Hands Committee. Utensils are to be used for cooking purposes only.

6. Adult supervision must be provided for all children at all times when using the kitchen. This is extremely important, given the nature of the equipment in the facility, such as knives, etc.

7. To prevent wall damage, refrain from placing tables, chairs or other equipment against the walls.

8. When hanging decorations or signs, the use of tape should be limited. Scotch tape or invisible tape should be minimized. Command strips or poster putty are the best option. The use of Duct tape, Masking tape, double-sided tape or foam mounting tape is NOT permitted.

9. If crafting supplies such as glue, paint or markers are used, tables should be covered to prevent permanent damage. Whenever possible, water-soluble craft products should be used.

10. To prevent floor damage, refrain from dragging tables, chairs or other equipment across the floor.

11. A copy of this policy is available from the church office, and a copy is to be posted on the refrigerator in the church kitchen. Anyone wishing to use the kitchen or social hall should receive a copy or review the posted copy of this policy prior to use.

Make all checks payable to: Redeemer’s United Church of Christ

Mail to: 107 East King Street Littlestown, PA 17340

Office Phone: 717.359-4019

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Revised and Approved by Consistory on May 11, 2014

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