Funeral Policy

Redeemer’s United Church of Christ
Funeral Policy

MEMBERS OF REDEEMER’S: When a member of Redeemer’s United Church of Christ dies and the family wants to have a funeral service in the church Sanctuary and/or a reception in our church Social Hall, the guidelines listed below are to be followed.

NON-MEMBERS: Funeral services will be at the discretion and the availability of the Pastor. It is suggested that honorariums be given to any church employees who are involved in the funeral service as planned. For a reception to be held in the church Social Hall, refer to the Kitchen and Social Hall policy*.

SANCTUARY: There is no charge for the use of the sanctuary.

CHURCH EMPLOYEES: It is understood by the church staff (employees) that when a member of Redeemer’s dies, the services rendered for the church funeral are a part of their regular job responsibilities. No formal fee will be assessed for the funeral services. If it is the desire of the family to provide a monetary gift of appreciation to any or all church employees involved in the funeral service, the honorarium should be paid directly to the church employee by the family. It does not represent financial payment by the church for services rendered.

BULLETINS AND SUPPLIES: There is no fee for the preparation and printing of bulletins or for the use of candles. If the family wants to give a monetary gift for goods and services, the money will be deposited into the operating fund to offset the expenses incurred. The recommendation from the church secretary is that families visit a local Christian bookstore for bulletins that reflect the life of their loved one. NO funeral
bulletins are kept in supply at the church office.

SOCIAL HALL: There is no fee for the use of the Social Hall or Kitchen for a funeral luncheon/reception of any type. If asked, the Helping Hands Committee of Redeemer’s United Church of Christ will be in charge of set-up, serving, and clean-up for the luncheon/reception. The only charge to the family member requesting the luncheon will be a reimbursement to the Helping Hands Committee for the actual expenses incurred for
food and beverages. The Helping Hands Committee will provide receipts to the family documenting the actual expense incurred. Checks should be made out to Redeemer’s United Church of Christ.

*The Kitchen and Social Hall policy is also available in the Church Office.



This policy was approved by the Consistory of Redeemer’s United Church of Christ on August 16, 2011.

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